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Research News
Seminar on Direction of Disciplinary Development by HZAU and HBCH

On October 10, College of Biomedicine and Health of Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU) and Hubei Cancer Hospital (HBCH) jointly held a seminar in the meeting room of the First Multiple-use Building. This seminar focused on some issues such as the direction of disciplinary development, talent recruitment and deepening cooperation to implement the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of HZAU as well as the educational requirement on the theme of “remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind.” Among the attendees were Zhang Qifa, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wei Shaozhong, Dean of HBCB and other researchers and teachers.
The seminar was presided over by Jin Anjiang, Vice Dean of the College of Biomedicine and Health. Jin introduced the recent research carried out by both teams on the direction of disciplinary development and progress of talent introduction. In response to the direction of disciplinary development and building of research teams, Wei Shaozhong reported the initial consensus based on the in-depth discussions with representative teachers from the College. Against the backdrop of massive demand for the development of international biomedicine and a wholesome life, further focus needs to be located on the key issues of sciences in the research fields such as tumor biology, neurobiology, immunobiology and human nutrition.
Attendees such as Dong Zhiqiang, Cao Gang, delivered speeches respectively in which they combined their own research advantages and characteristics from the perspective of basic medical research and clinical applications. It was mentioned that people in China nowadays are most vulnerable to human intestinal cancer and lung cancer, which makes it necessary to implement systematic research on pathogenesis and clinical treatment from the aspects of genetics, immunotherapy, targeted therapy and big data analysis. With the growing aging population and extended average lifespan in China, senile diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson are what plague elderly people the most. Hence there is a strong clinical demand for further research on neurodegenerative diseases and regeneration. As China enters a new era, Chinese people pursue more for “nutritional and healthy food” than the “adequacy of food”. Agricultural universities are endowed with abundant basic and applied research advantages of traditional crops, which can be further extended to the field of nutrition and health.
Based on the opinions of other attendees, academician Zhang Qifa summarized that in terms of the discipline of biomedicine and health, we should adhere to the problem-oriented development, prioritize the clinical demands, focus on the key points of researches, and attract talents and accumulate development advantages. At the present stage, research on tumor and immunobiology should focus on the intestinal cancer and lung cancer, and research on neurobiology should center on neurodegenerative diseases and regeneration. On the basis of innovation of treatment, research should be extended to the clinical practice. Research on nutrition and health could be carried out based on discipline advantages and characteristic in agricultural universities. In terms of the study of rice, Zhang mentioned that a great number of literature recorded that black rice was rich in nutrition that human needed. Therefore, it had a great significance and a broad prospect to carry out the basic and applied study on black rice from the perspective of nutrition and health. The health revolution should start from the blackening of rice.  
It was proposed that the establishment of work teams should be in accordance with three major directions to provide a basis for talent recruitment and team building. We should innovate the mechanism of talent recruitment and assessment, speed up our efforts to recruit excellent young talents, and vigorously promote the interdisciplinary cooperation with HZAU centering on the theme of nutrition and health.



Translated by Hu Yue
Proofread by Xie Lujie