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Zhang Jibin

Job Title Professor

Diploma Ph.D

Telephone 027-87287701

Email zhangjb@mail.hzau.edu.cn

Research Area Pathogens-resistant microorganism and immunity, organic waste bioconversion

Education experience  

1982.09-1986.06Hubei University, Bachelor of Science

1986.09-1989.06Huazhong Agricultural University, Master of Science

2001.09-2006.06Huazhong Agricultural University, Ph.D of Science

Main job experience  

1989.07-2002.12, Institute of Parasitic Disease, Hubei Academy of Medical Sciences, Assistant Researcher / Associate Researcher

1994.04-1994.06, University of London, Visiting Scholar

2002.12-2006.02, Institute of Parasitic Disease, Hubei Academy of Medical Sciences, Researcher

2010.08-2011.08, USDA Plant Root Disease Biological Control Laboratory, Visiting Scholar

2006.03-present, State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology and National Engineering Research Center of Microbial Pesticides, College of Life Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, fixed member, professor

Microbial Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Wuhan), Ministry of Agriculture, Deputy Director

Scientific research achievements

Research Interest

(1) Bio-pesticides: Discovery of new active substances produced by microorganisms and insects, structure and function, immune mechanism of action, and application research;

(2) Co-conversion of organic wastes: Research on the mechanism, technology and application of organic wastes co-conversion by functional microorganisms and insect.

Academic achievements

Major in the research of Bio-pesticides and Co-conversion of organic wastes. Isolated new active substances from extreme environmental microorganisms. A model of "honey-trapping" for microbial control of nematodes was established at first time. Organic waste co-conversion by functional microorganisms and insect(such as black soldier fly) can not only solve the environmental pollution, but also develop the new type of animal feed resource and bio-fertilizer, turning waste into treasure. High efficiency organic waste conversion Insect Hermetia illucens Wuhan strain with the independent intellectual property was domesticated. Some key technologies were solved in large-scale breeding of black soldier fly, and established a new technology for the co-conversion of organic waste by black soldier fly and microorganism. More than 10 projects including the national "973" project, the National Key Technology R & D Program of China, the public welfare project of the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Major projects of Technological Innovation in Hubei Province, China, and the “Yellow Crane Talent Plan” project of Wuhan City. Published more than 60 papers in Cell Research, Journal of Cleaner Production, Bioresource Technology and other domestic and foreign academic journals, applied for more than 20 patents, and authorized more than 10 patents.

Host scientific research projects

1. the National Key Technology R & D Program of China. High efficient conversion of livestock and poultry waste by insects and their regulation mechanism (2018YFD0500203), 2018-2020

2. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Mechanism of black soldier fly intestinal microorganisms inhibiting Zoonotic Pathogens (31770136), 2018-2021

3. The Major projects of Technological Innovation in Hubei Province, China. New biological control technology and product development of vegetable pathogenic nematode (2017ABA072), 2017 / 05-2019 / 12

4. The “Yellow Crane Talent Plan” project of Wuhan City. High-efficiency Comprehensive Utilization and Demonstration of Chicken Manure Transformed by insect black soldier fly and Microorganisms, 2016-2020

Main Publications

1. Mazza L, Xiao X, Ur Rehman K, Cai M, Zhang D, Fasulo S, Tomberlin JK, Zheng L,  Soomro AA, Yu Z, Zhang J*. Management of chicken manure using black soldier fly  (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) larvae assisted by companion bacteria.Waste Management.  2020,  102: 312–318.(*Corresponding Author)

2. Dian Huang , Chen Yu, Zongze Shao, Minmin Cai, Guangyu Li , Longyu Zheng, Ziniu  Yu and Jibin Zhang*. Identifification and characterization of nematicidal volatile  organic  compounds from deep-sea Virgibacillus dokdonensis MCCC 1A00493. Molecules. 2020,  25(744):1-14.(*Corresponding Author)

3. Zhang JB*, Tomberlin JK , Cai MM, Xiao XP, Zheng LY, Yu ZN. Research and  industrialization of Hermetia illucens L. in China. Journal of Insects as Food and Feed.  2020,6(1)-5-12.(*Corresponding Author)

4. Zhan S, Fan G, Cai M, Kou Z, Xu J, Cao Y, Bai L, Zhang Y, Jiang Y, Luo X, Xu J, Xu  X,  Zheng L, Yu Z, Yang H, Zhang Z, Wang S, Tomberlin J*, Zhang J* and Huang Y*.  Genomic landscape and genetic manipulation of the black soldier fly Hermetia  illucens, a  natural waste recycler. Cell Research. 2019, 0:1–11.(*Co-corresponding author)

5. Abdul Aziz Somroo, Kashif ur Rehman, Longyu Zheng, Minmin Cai, Xiaopeng Xiao,  Shencai Hu, Alexander Mathy, Moritz Gold, Ziniu Yu, Jibin Zhang*. Influence of  Lactobacillus buchneri on soybean curd residue co-conversion by black soldier fly  larvae  (Hermetia illucens) for food and feedstock production. Waste Management,  2019,86:114-122.(*Corresponding Author)

6. Kashif ur Rehman, Rashid Ur Rehman, Abdul Aziz Somroo, Minmin Cai, Longyu Zheng,  Xiaopeng Xiao, Asif Ur Rehman, Abdul Rehman, Jeffery K. Tomberlin, Ziniu  Yu, Jibin  Zhang*. Enhanced bioconversion of dairy and chicken manure by the  interaction of  exogenous bacteria and black soldier fly larvae. Journal of  Environmental Management,   2019, 237: 75-83.(*Corresponding Author)

7. Yile Zhai, Zongze Shao, Minmin Cai, Longyu Zheng, Guangyu Li, Ziniu Yu and Jibin  Zhang*. Cyclo(L-Pro–L-Leu) of Pseudomonas putida MCCC 1A00316 isolated from  Antarctic soil: identification and characterization of activity against Meloidogyne  incognita. Molecules 2019, 24(768):1-15.(*Corresponding Author)

8. Minmin Cai, Ke Zhang, Weida Zhong, Nian Liu, Xiangji Wu, Wu Li, Longyu Zheng,  Ziniu  Yu, Jibin Zhang*. Bioconversion-composting of golden needle  mushroom(Flammulina   velutipes) root waste by black soldier fly (Hermetia  illucens, Diptera:  Stratiomyidae)  larvae, to obtain added-value biomass and fertilizer. Waste and Biomass Valorization. 2019,  10:265–273.(*Corresponding Author)

9. Cai, M., Ma, S., Hu, R., Tomberlin, J. K., Thomashow, L. S., Zheng, L., Li, W.,  Yu, Z.,   Zhang, J*. Rapidly mitigating antibiotic resistant risks in chicken manure by Hermetia  illucens bioconversion with intestinal microflora. Environmental  Microbiology, 2018,  20(11): 4051-4062.(*Corresponding Author)

10. Cai Minmin, Ma Shiteng, Hu Ruiqi, Jeffery K. Tomberlin, Yu Chan, Huang Yongping, Zhan  Shuai, Li Wu, Zheng Longyu, Yu Ziniu, Zhang Jibin*. Systematic  characterization and  proposed pathway of tetracycline  degradation in solid waste  treatment by Hermetia  illucens with intestinal  microbiota. Environmental Pollution,  2018, 242:634-642. (*Corresponding Author)

11. Xiaopeng Xiao, Lorenzo Mazza, Yongqiang Yu, Minmin Cai, Longyu Zheng, Jeffery  K.  Tomberlin, Jeffrey Yu, Arnold van Huis, Ziniu Yu, Salvatore Fasulo,  Jibin Zhang*.  Efficient co-conversion process of chicken manure into protein  feed and organic fertilizer  by Hermetia illucens L. (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) larvae and functional bacteria. Journal  of  Environmental Management,2018, 217:668-676.(*Corresponding Author)

12. Dian Huang, Zong-Ze Shao, Yi Yu, Min-Min Cai, Long-Yu Zheng, Guang-Yu Li, Zi-Niu Yu,  Xian-Feng Yi, Jibin Zhang*, and Fu-Hua Hao*. Identification,  characteristics and  mechanism of 1-Deoxy-N-acetylglucosamine from deep-sea Virgibacillus  dokdonensis  MCCC 1A00493. Marine Drugs, 2018, 16, 52:1-13.(*Co-corresponding author)

13. Yile Zhai, Zongze Shao, Minmin Cai, Longyu Zheng, Guangyu Li, Dian Huang, Wanli  Cheng, Linda S. Thomashow, David M. Weller, Ziniu Yu and Jibin Zhang*.Multiple modes  of nematode control by volatiles of Pseudomonas putida 1A00316 from Antarctic soil against  Meloidogyne incognita. Frontier in  Microbiology. 2018, 9:253. (*Corresponding Author)

14. Xiao XX, Jin P, Zheng LY, Cai MM, Yu ZN, Yu J and Zhang JB*. Effects of  black soldier   fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae meal protein as a fishmeal replacement on the growth and  immune index of yellow catfish (Pelteobagrus fulvidraco). Aquaculture Research.  2018;49:1569-1577.(*Corresponding Author)

15. Minmin Cai, Ruiqi Hu, Ke Zhang, Shiteng Ma, Longyu Zheng, Ziniu Yu, Jibin Zhang*.  Resistance of black soldier fly (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) larvae to  combined heavy metals and  potential application in municipal sewage sludge treatment. Environmental Science and  Pollution Research. 2018, 25(2):1559-1567.(*Corresponding Author)  

16.  Kashif ur Rehman, Rehman, A, Cai M, Xiao X, Zheng L, Zhang Ke, Abdul Aziz  Soomro,Wang Hui, Liu Xiu, Li Wu, Yu Ziniu, Zhang, Jibin*. Conversion of mixtures of  dairy manure and soybean curd residue by black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens L.).  Journal of Cleaner Production.2017, 154: 366-373.(*Corresponding Author)

17.  Wanli Cheng, Jingyan Yang, Qiyu Nie, Dian Huang, Chen Yu, Longyu Zheng, Minmin Cai,  Linda S. Thomashow, David M. Weller, Ziniu Yu & Jibin Zhang*. Volatile organic  compounds from Paenibacillus polymyxa KM2501-1 control Meloidogyne incognita by  multiple strategies.Scientific Report, 2017, 7: 16213.(*Corresponding Author)

18.  Kashif ur Rehman, Minmin Cai, Xiaopeng Xiao, Longyu Zheng, Hui Wang, Abdul Aziz  Soomro,Yusha Zhou, Wu Li, Ziniu Yu, Jibin Zhang*. Cellulose decomposition and larval  biomass production from the co-digestion of dairy manure and chicken manure by  mini-livestock (Hermetia illucens L.). Journal of  Environmental Management, 2017,  196:458-465.(*Corresponding Author)

19.  Elhag O, Zhou D, Song Q, Soomro A A, Cai M, Zheng L, Yu Z, Zhang J*. Screening,  expression, purification and functional characterization of novel antimicrobial peptide genes  from Hermetia illucens (L.). PLoS One. 2017,12(1): e0169582.(*Corresponding Author)

20. Cao Yu, Cheng Wanli, Huang Dian, Zheng Longyu, Cai Minmin, Lin Da, Yu Ziniu, Zhang  Jibin*.Preparation and characterization of Iturin a microcapsules in sodium alginate/poly  (γ-glutamic acid) by spray drying. Journal International Journal of Polymeric Materials and  Polymeric Biomaterials. 2017, 66(10):479-484.(*Corresponding Author)

21. Guo Jing#, Jing Xueping#, Peng Wen-Lei#, Nie Qiyu#, Zhai Yile, Shao Zongze, Zheng  Longyu, Cai Minmin, Li Guangyu, Zuo Huaiyu, Zhang Zhitao, Wang Rui-Ru, Huang Dian,  Cheng Wanli, Yu Ziniu, Chen Ling-Ling* & Zhang Jibin*. Comparative genomic and  functional analyses: unearthing the diversity and  specificity of nematicidal factors in   Pseudomonas putida strain 1A00316.Scientific Reports. 2016. 6:29211 | Doi:  10.1038/srep29211.(*Corresponding Author)

22. Wang Xuefei , Mavrodi V. Dima , Ke Linfeng, Mavrodi V. Olga, Yang Mingming,  Thomashow S. Linda, Zheng Na, Weller M David.* and Zhang Jibin*. Biocontrol  and  plant growth -promoting activity of rhizobacteria from Chinese fields with contaminated soils.  Microbial Biotechnology. 2015, 8(3):404-418.(*Corresponding Author)

23. Zhou Fen, Jeffery K. Tomberlin, Zheng Longyu, Yu Ziniu, and Zhang Jibin*  Developmental and waste reduction plasticity of three black soldier fly strains  (Diptera:  Stratiomyidae) raised on different livestock manures. Journal of Medical Entomology. 2013,  50: 1224-1230 .(*Corresponding Author)

Main authorized invention patents

1. Zhang Jibin, Zhou Dingzhong, Wang Maolin, Zuo Huaiyu, Yu Ziniu. A antibacterial peptide from Hermetia illucens L. and its preparation method and application. Chinese Invention Patent, ZL2012102816878.7

2. Zhang Jibin, Shao Zongze, Zhang Zhitao, Tang Jiabin, Li Guangyu, Jing Xueping, Sun Fengqin, Yu Ziniu. Application of a Pseudomonas fermentation supernatant. Chinese Invention Patent, ZL201310006162.1

3. Zhang Jibin, Yu Ziniu, Jin Peng, Zheng Longyu. Pelteobagrus fulvidraco feed containing black soldier fly larvae powder and its application, Chinese invention patent, ZL201410224765.3

4. Zhang Jibin, Wang Yanying, Zhang Dingnan, Fu Jianying, Yu Ziniu. A method for detecting T-2 toxins in animal viscera using immunochips. Chinese invention patent, ZL201310385150.4

5. Zhang Jibin, Shao Zongze, Yu Ziniu, Sun Fengqin, Li Guangyu, Huang Dian, Zhang Shaobo, Chen Li, Zheng Na, Wang Xuefei, Xu Liu. Application of a Virgibacillus dokdonensis fermentation supernatant. Chinese Invention Patent, ZL201410157288. 3

6. Zhang Jibin, Zheng Longyu, Xiao Xiaopeng, Cai Yanmin, Yu Ziniu, Zhang Dingnan, Song Qi, Zhou Dingzhong, Cao Lu. A compound bacterial agent that promotes the growth of black soldier fly larvae and its application. Chinese Invention Patent, ZL201510900628.1.

7. Zhang Jibin, Shao Zongze, Jing Xueping, Li Guangyu, Tang Jiabin, Sun Fengqin, Zhang Zhitao, Zhai Yile, Zheng Longyu, Yu Ziniu. Application of a cyclic dipeptide Cyclo- (L-Ile-L-Pro). Chinese invention patent , ZL201510755741.5

8. Zhang Jibin, Shao Zongze, Zheng Longyu, Li Guangyu, Cai Yanmin, Sun Fengqin, Yu Ziniu, Huang Dian, Zhang Shaobo, Chen Li. Application of active drugs 2-Acetylamino-1,5, -anhydro-2-deoxy-D-glucosanol in preparation of active drug against bacterial blight of rice. Chinese Invention Patent, ZL201510945749.8

9. Zhang Jibin, Cao Yu, Zheng Longyu, Cai Yimin, Yu Ziniu. Preparation method of a Iturin A microcapsule. Chinese invention patent, ZL201510381212.3

10. Zhang Jibin, Cheng Wanli, Nie Qiyu, Yang Jingyan, Cai Yanmin, Zheng Longyu, Yu Ziniu, Hu Min, Gao Chong. A Paenibacillus polymyxa KM2501-1 and its application. Chinese invention patent, ZL201710049534.7


Convener of the National Forum on Conversion of Organic Waste and Recycling by Edible Insects and Microbes;

Member of Strategic Alliance of Bio-Pesticide and Biological Control Industry Technology Innovation;

Winner of the fourth the “Yellow Crane Talent Plan” project of Wuhan City.

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