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Research News
Academician Zhang Qifa to Jianli, Hubei for Seminar

From Oct. 19 to 20, Academician Zhang Qifa and other researchers from “Shuangshui Shuanglv” (green rice and green aquatic products) Research Institute of HZAU attended a seminar in Jianli, a county in the south of Hubei Province, in response to the “515” Action Plan proposed by Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.
“515” is a program for conducting technological service in 15 demonstration counties of Hubei led by 5 academicians from 5 major agricultural fields. Huang Zhen, the secretary of CPC Jianli County Committee, and other local officials, met Zhang and his team. Zhang Qifa is a famous Chinese plant geneticist and molecular biologist, a foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences and a fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences. He proposed and carried out the strategic conception of Green Super Rice, which made an outstanding achievement on the breeding of green super rice and its industrialization.

(Photo source: http://nyt.hubei.gov.cn/yw/ywdt/tkjjyc/200054641.htm

On the morning of Oct. 19, Academician Zhang and his team investigated rice breeding and yield in demonstration bases of the “Shuangshui Shuanglv” Research Institute in Xingou Town, Jianli. Moreover, they shared ideas about the construction of the bases and the related scientific research experiments. In the afternoon, they selected pilot bases for “Shuangshui Shuanglv” research in Jianli.
On the morning of Oct. 20, Zhang and his team attended the seminar on promoting “515” Action Plan. They made a discussion on the management and construction of “Shuangshui Shuanglv” demonstration bases, and the site selection and cooperation scheme of “Shuangshui Shuanglv” pilot bases in Jianli.
Jianli’s officials expressed their appreciation for the team’s contribution to the industry of green rice and green aquatic products. They also expressed their willingness to cooperate with HZAU’s researchers, advancing the construction of demonstration and pilot bases of “Shuangshui Shuanglv” industry in Jianli.
Zhang and his team also visited Liu Zhixun Memorial Park. Liu Zhixun, a Chinese revolutionist, has made great contribution to the development of Hunan’s Peasant Movement and Chinese revolution. Zhang said that our researchers should learn from Liu Zhixun, who devoted his life to people’s well-being, and promote the development of agricultural industry and the construction of beautiful villages.



Source: http://news.hzau.edu.cn/2019/1021/55428.shtml
Translated by: Yang Ting
Supervised by: Jin Bei